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2 and Beyond

5 years and counting…..

I have been breastfeeding since September 2014, when my second was born. My 3rd is now 31 months and am still at it! … yup… he can actually already walk up to me and say, “mommy, I want milk from your boobie!”

Now, I’m sure that many mommies are on opposite sides about this… I, for one, used to say… “um… as soon as my baby can actually ask for milk, they’re not getting my boob.” But look at me now…nursing my son who can actually pop my boob out himself and nurse…

I admit there are times I feel embarrassed to tell people that I actually still nurse my almost 3 year old son, but as I look at him as I nurse… why should I care what other people think. This is a bond I have with my son. He is comforted and relaxed when he nurses.

He’ll wean … when he’s ready… but for now this BF journey will continue…

I don’t offer but I won’t refuse…

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Do I really want to be a Blogger?

I’m a stay-at-home mom of 3. Wife to one.

Struggling. Surviving. Learning.

This blog is the internal conversation I have with myself on a daily basis. I share my everyday triumphs, failures, and learnings.

Let’s face it! Being a mom is a full time job, so who has the time? No one really but there has always been a part of me that enjoys “sharing”. ¬†Every single day, I have an internal monologue with myself… okay maybe sometimes it’s not so “internal”… I usually get strange looks from people when they realize that I’m actually talking to myself… so what do I decide to do?! I find me an audience … and so here it is… my daily journal entry for the world…well, for whoever really wants to read it, not exactly “the world”.