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Getting into the groove

Not getting back into the groove … but just getting in there… since baby 3 was born (which was a yesr ago), I feel like I haven’t really gotten “into the groove” of my daily life… In my head it’s always, “okay! I’ll get to that tomorrow.” And yes THAT pile of unsorted toys still lies in the corner gathering dust…. and well, more toys. I feel the pressure of having to sort out my life just like I need to sort out all the clutter in the house, get a schedule down for the kids, teach them to do chores, organize the kitchen, purge the closets, sort the trash, cook nutritious meals, and get a decent workout in the mix… I want to do it all… But when I realize the enormity of it all I retreat…. “Tomorrow is another day!”

There’s so much on my plate that “overwhelmed” is an understatement… but life goes on… so if I get caught up with what I should have done, then I’ll miss enjoying what’s happening now.

Mommas, we have to cut ourselves some slack… with the trend of no decent helpers I really can’t expect to keep up with the cleaning… I’ll get to it as soon as my youngest starts school… and that’s okay 😁


Daily musings of a mother of 3! Just a regular mom trying to stay sane!

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