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Because Kilay is …

Having children to care for, we, Moms, usually forget about ourselves.  As soon as your baby comes home, the only thing your mind seems to think about is that little person. That little person depends on you. For the first 6 weeks, that’s all you can think about.  Feeding, changing, carrying, burping…. whatever your baby needs… you’ve got it covered!

But after a few weeks, even months, you realize that something’s amiss… You barely have time to bathe, brush your teeth, or even eat… (sleep?! well, that’s out the window… you can sleep … next year!). So having yourself groomed is definitely out of the question… or should it?

You look at yourself in the mirror, your eyes have bags that seem to merge with your cheeks, you can’t figure out where your eyebrows end and your lashes begin.  Your toenails haven’t been cut since the day your belly was small enough for you to reach your toes…

Most moms might feel it would be selfish to take some time away to get themselves “groomed” … to get themselves to be human again… but is it, really being selfish? My answer is heck no! You’re actually being more charitable… You wouldn’t want people to look at you and start talking about you behind your back… “Oh, she just had a baby and she let herself go!” or “Whoa! She kinda looks like Bert with that unibrow!”… 

So wanting to be charitable, I scheduled to have my eyebrows groomed.  But my plans had to change since it turned out that I’d have to pickup my girls from school, and take eldest to her soccer practice.  Having already set an appointment and not wanting to wait another day, I decided to just move the time back to after I’d be done with my soccer mom duties.  All set I realized that I’d have to take my youngest with me.  So with him in tow, I just had to have it done…

He cried the entire car ride from our house to the mall… the entire trip I tell you… and not just your usual “come and get me” cry… it was an “unstrap me from this carseat” wail…. Thankfully, parking was a breeze… I loaded him into the stroller… and again with the “take me out of the contraption” wail… thank heavens he settled down a bit while we were inside the mall… I was thinking… “This is great! He’s actually cooperating!” Of course, as soon as I ended that sentence in my head, he started squirming out of the stroller straps while letting out a high pitched cry… I knew he was sleepy and I came prepared … took out my carrier and strapped him on like a monkey to his momma… he squirmed and cried a few times before he eventually fell asleep… It was a bit of a struggle but my eyebrows were done and groomed in about 15 minutes. Cha, my eyebrow lady, showed me the finished brow and I was happy… She even told me that my brows were getting fuller…yey!!! (any 90’s over-plucking Tita would understand the struggle)… Because as they say, Kilay is …… (say it with me)…. LIFE!!!

So, the moral of the kwento is find time…make time… have those eyebrows groomed, get that manipedi, have those blackheads pricked… do what you need to make you feel or look human again! Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to look losayang! And do it for you… not for your husband, not for your mom (believe me she’ll always have something to say about how you look anyway).


Had my brows done at

Benefit Brow Bar

2/F New Wing, Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd. cor. Madrigal Ave., Alabang


*I got the Brow Waxing for P700; Cha was my Brow technician



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